Diana & Mattias | Country Chic Hochzeit in Zürich

Today I finally publish the images of this wonderful wedding in Switzerland!

The setting is Kloster St. Katharinental , a splendid monastery in the region of Zürich and in the evening we moved instead to Germany, to the beautiful, Hofgut Albführen, a picturesque Restaurant/Hotel/Country Club surrounded by an area of natural beauty on the southern edge of the Baden region.

With its beautifully appointed and  tastefully decorated, seasonal food in a cosy and refined atmosphere and a wonderful countryside for lovers of horses and nature, I was pleasantly surprised place. It’s a great place where take beautiful Wedding Photos or do some wonderful Engagement Photos.

Protagonists Diana & Mattias!

After witnessing their magic during their Civil Wedding, I thought that was it, it would be impossible to top that. Just how wrong was I! Their wedding day proved to exceed all bars and actively excited me upon entering their home. It was big, massive, and just so so big. The weather forecasted rain and this made everything a little more, let’s say electrifying!

Diana and Mattias in fact, decided to celebrate their outdoor wedding along the banks of the river and the rain would have disrupted their plan, But, let’s say! That didn’t stop us one bit. Nor did Diana and Mattias. We took some of our most beautiful photos ever in their beautifully vintage and chick looking homes and we are super excited to share this with you all!

Diana looked nothing short of amazing, Mattias also looked very handsome in his vintage and elegant suit. As the bride held the blue hydrangeas in her hands and laughed together with the maid, I couldn’t doubt how joyous she was about that day. The two looked very happy and I was very sure that the „Almighty“ must have known how much they loved each other to grant them this wish!