About me, Italy Destination Wedding Photographer

I love to tell stories.

My interest in photography dates back to my childhood. I was totally fascinated and in love with him.
Become bigger, I threw myself headlong into the world of photography after studying Graphic Design and Art Direction in Rome. And yes, if you’re thinking about how wonderful Rome is, my answer is definitively YES! I feel so fortunate to have lived such an important part of my life in the “Eternal City”. Photography becomed to me not a way to filter the reality. It becomed  a way to live it, to tell the reality through my eyes and why not, my heart. It’s my greatest passion and day after day I continue to be amazed at how much this world continues to give me emotions. Anyway I’ve so much other hobbies! I am a food lover, a National Geographic binge watcher and I love, I really love the see. I’m a certified diver too!

I catch the true and emotional moments of your wedding

Wedding Photographygive me the possibility to “live” all my interests, my passions. I have the opportunity to travel, to know new places. To feel like in a National Geographic documentary. And finally, the most important thing, I have the opportunity to meet new people, young couples ready to take the most important step in their lives. People who decide to share with me this great day. It’s really an honor! I believe when my clients hire me, they are hiring me for my ability to tell their stories through my lens. I am not only a photographer, I am the story teller for your wedding. I document and create the emotions that you can pass down for your future and past generations.