Jolanda & Patrick's Rustikal und Emotional Hochzeit in Östschweiz

Getting married at the end of September has its own charm, when the leaves start to turn yellow and the woods are so vivid and saturated with color. There is an atmosphere of accomplishment for the summer just passed that is well combined with the romantic, rustic and intimate mood of the wedding of Jolanda and Patrick.

Among other things, the sun and the clouds were the protagonists of this wonderful day. The sky, has seen a shy sun peeking from time to time in the clouds, but filtered by the humid air of a calm day, those without wind, which has made even more fitting the location and the feeling of living a bit ‘suspended over time, between the summer that has already left and the autumn that still does not arrive.

We had a lot of fun when, during the shoot, almost at sunset, we went into a field of vines and apple trees, full of fruits. The sun, now almost disappeared from the sky, has made it all a bit ‘more magical. The warm lights, the saturated colors and the soft shadows, framed this intense photographic session and allowed me to create beautiful wedding shots.

Jolanda and Paddy were perfect, a wonderful couple. They supported every request and, more importantly, they loosen up completely, allowing me to grasp the true essence of their love and their relationship.

As always, my job was to take all the elements of this day and compose them together for my clients in a story made of photographs.