Merve & Servet | Elegante und romantische schweizer Hochzeit in Basel

Merve and Servet chose me as their Civil Wedding Photographer in the beautiful location of Rheinfelden, near Basel in Switzerland. The old town of Rheinfelden lies on the left bank of the Rhine and it is home to Feldschlösschen, the most popular beer in Switzerland!!

These two are just so full of life, love and good vibes, and every aspect of their wedding reflected that. Vivian’s laugh is downright infectious, and her friends know just how to pull it out of her. Vivian’s expressions alone, in fact, would have been enough to fill our frames with jubilance and our hearts with adoration!

The first time we met in Schaffhausen, Servet told me how and where he asked Merve to marry him and how lucky he felt to love such a special person. We talked about how important it’s in to find the right person, a persona with whom to you can share every single seconds of your life.

In that moment I realized how special was that young couple in front of me.

And guess what? Merve and Servet got engaged in the enchanting Ibiza! 🇪🇸🐠

I have already been there and I loved the energy, the vibe. Nothing I can define or analyze. A small microcosmos where everyone lives and lets live. Ibiza is known for decadence, but it also has a beautiful countryside, and a lot of retreats and spiritual stuff. A hidden heartbeat. Sandy beaches, small coves, cliffs, and everything in between.

What a wonderfull venues for a Destination Wedding!!