Your wedding, my philosophy

Every story is unique, every moment becomes eternity.

I am characterized by an ever increasing enthusiasm and a lively experimentation. The beauty, however, is not to add, but to remove: I love genuine and spontaneous wedding shots, able to grasp the authenticity behind a glance, to highlight, through a particular, the priceless value of a promise. Knowing the bride and groom, before a photo shoot is essential, it’s a bit like choosing each other. We carefully select the location together: the outer space has the task of enhancing the emotions and must be in perfect harmony with what happens inside.

Searching for magical moments

As a wedding photographer I act like a silent observer during the ceremony. My goal is to be as inconspicuous as possible to your wedding. Stay discreetly in the background and wait for the right moment to capture an emotion. Experience has taught me that this is the only way to create natural, vivid and eternal images. Or at least, the only way for me!
I do not add fictitious elements, I do not construct anything: taking pictures means focusing on the simplicity and the exceptional beauty of what is happening. During a photo shoot, I move lightly and in harmony with the place and with the couples: my camera stops moments, gestures, expressions, collecting rhythm, intensity, deep joy. They are like a mirror and the result is always exciting, both for me and for them.